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Lincoln King Republican is a “movement” and not about the party. The “movement” is to motivate the people in our country towards creating a more perfect nation that is just and caring of all its citizens especially our Black brothers and sisters.

Also, the movement is to create awareness in the Black Community so that they will understand historically that it was the Republican Party that ended slavery and passed the Civil Rights Act—and other civil rights legislation—but these two being the most important and powerful laws to positively impact the lives of Black America. No wonder back then there was a time that almost 80% of blacks were Republican.

Positions & Initiatives Introduction

Reclaiming the Republican Party when Black Americans were its future…

For Lincoln King Republican, our goals, purpose vision and actions are all part of a “movement” which is separate and outside those of the National Republican Party. Our organization is named after the party’s two most famous and beloved members, President Abraham Lincoln, whose Emancipation Proclamation changed America forever, and Dr. Martin Luther King who spearheaded the Civil Rights movement and through peaceful demonstrations brought to light the sin and evil of segregation and racism. His “movement” moved America towards becoming a more perfect nation and helped our country understand that all people are created equal and in the image and likeness of God.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as was Abraham Lincoln, both whose untimely deaths stunted their work, nonetheless left behind a great legacy of social change. However, in their deaths, they also left so much undone as their work had just begun. We can only wonder what America would be like today if they had lived and completed their work and advanced their Godly agendas.

Faith & Policy

This country, and as a country of people who love one another, has greatly suffered because of the secular position that proclaims the vague premise of ”Separation of church and state”. There has been the effort to remove God, his grace and love from every part of our society for many decades using this as a fundamental principle when it comes to the practice of religion in America. This has been to the detriment and dividing factor to American and its soul. For a country seeking to love one another and love ones neighbor, it is hard to reconcile this statement with those of the founding fathers.

This country is founded on Judeo Christian Principles and Religious Freedom. The constitution actually says, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… The effort to remove faith and God from our politics is wrong and divisive when God proclaims to own all of us even our politics. And “wait” if God is love, then God can never be separated from us. And, as such, God and love are the very center of the civil rights movement.

Dr. MLK Jr. and Pres. Lincoln were both men of profound faith whose lives and actions were guided by that faith and God’s will. As leaders and political figures, it was the Judeo-Christina principles that founded the United States that formed who they were and gave them their foundation and direction in all they did. Judea Christian principles as their guide to the policies of a nation and the way they conducted their lives as leaders and so it is for us and Lincoln King Republicans. Racism cannot exist within God’s love and commandments and especially since we are created in his image and likeness.

Our Mission

Lincoln King Republican is a movement not the party. The movement is to accomplish through the participation of its members and community to end racial disparities and discord. Dr. Martin Luther King and President Abraham Lincoln are the two most influential and greatest members in the history of the Republican Party and of the entire United States and it is through them that we seek to see the Republican party renewed whereby everyone, especially black Americans will feel welcome and embraced by the party. In addition, to welcoming our fellow citizens and Americans who are black, we are developing and pursuing important issues confronting black Americans and their children and families and seeking to address and find solutions for them.

Our Initiatives

Education Proclamation

With the appointment of Revered Asse, we present our two immediate initiatives, the first being the education of children in disadvantaged communities which is a scandal and perpetually diminishes their futures from fully achieving the American dream.

Health Parity Proposal

Our second immediate initiative is to fight for and advance the cause and achieve full and equal medical care for Black Americans throughout the country. Noted studies indicate that Black America and other underserved communities, where health care is of a lesser quality and …

Common Goals & Black Churches

There is no denying that the Republican Party and African Americans have similar values of faith, family and community. As founder, together with Reverend Asse, and with you and others who join this “movement”, the Republican Party will be transformed…

End, Overcome, Violent Deaths

It is a scandal and great sin against God that Black Americans are being murdered in great number throughout the country mostly in major cities.

Our Leadership


Reverend Emmanuel Asse

Reverend Emmanuel Asse was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and, age 11, migrated to the United States along with his parents in 1984. He attended and graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School, Bronx and upon graduation, Emmanuel matriculated at Nyack College….


Francis X. Becker Jr.

Fran comes from a family with a long history in politics and public service. His grandfather, Frank J. Becker, served in Congress for six terms and was one of the Republicans who voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This has had a profound historical significance on Fran’s life and …..

News & Media

February 23, 2022

Pastor Emmanuel Asse Appointed Executive Director of Lincoln King Republican

I am honored that you have accepted the position of Executive Director of Lincoln King Republican.